August 17, 2022
24 hour hartal campaign concludes successfully- BPN TODAY

24 hour hartal campaign concludes successfully

The 24 hour hartal campaign worked off together with the entire state service and private sector against the present government has concluded successfully.

More than 1,000 trade unions joined yesterday’s hartal including power, health, energy, port, and several other sectors.

However, all services have returned to normalcy as of today.

The Lanka Private Bus Owners Association said the number of buses in operational will be reduced due to a shortage of diesel at filling stations.

Speaking to NewsRadio, President Gemunu Wijeratne said bus owners possess diesel to accommodate short-distance journeys for the next four days.

He revealed that inter-city bus transportation will come to a standstill in the next two days if fuel is not supplied.

Wijeratne called on the public to limit travel to essential journeys only, as the fuel crisis will worsen with diesel being diverted towards power generation.

The Railway Station Masters Association also assured that train operations will resume under normal schedules from today.

Chief Secretary of the Association Kasun Chamara said officials of Sri Lanka Railways will report to work from today.

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