‘My hands are clean!’

My hands are clean

While insisting that he had no prior knowledge about the 2019 Easter Sunday bombings and that there is no truth to the claims he fled the country in fear of the attacks, former President Maithripala Sirisena said his hands were clean and he could swear by anything and before anyone of his innocence.

He said if the security forces or intelligence services informed him of the bombings, he would not have left the country.

The former President expressed these views at a ceremony held at a church in Polonnaruwa yesterday (27). He said he left the country for Singapore to get medical treatment, adding that he was not permitted to use a mobile phone at any time while receiving treatment.

In response to allegations that he was informed prior to the attacks, he stated that no one was allowed to bring any devices near him and that he had no access to them.

“In this church, I have to say something about the Easter attacks. Rumours are spreading that I fled after learning about the Easter bombings. It is not true. I was in hospital for two or three days. I made the same statement before the Presidential Commission I formed to investigate the Easter attacks. This is something I can swear in front of anyone, regardless of religion. If the security forces alerted me of the attacks, I would have responded immediately according to the circumstances. As a Buddhist, I can swear at the Buddha’s feet, as well as on the Cross in this magnificent church, that I did not receive any prior information,” he said.

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