‘Lee Jinglei, see you in court’: Singaporean duo By2 announced on Weibo

Lee Jinglei see you in courtSingaporean duo By2 announced on Weibo


ust when you think the mess involving Lee Jinglei, Wang Leehom and Yumi Bai has blown over, it’s back.

This time, Bai who is part of the China-based duo By2, is suing Lee for her insinuations that Bai could have come in between Lee’s and Wang’s marriage, resulting in the messy divorce that hogged entertainment headlines for weeks last December.

Prior to the lawsuit, Bai had filed a police report on Dec 18 against Lee’s implications, to which Lee responded: “Please give me the police officer’s contact details and I will provide them with evidence”.

To date, Lee has not submitted any proof to the police, according to By2’s Weibo post on Jan 29.

yumi bais weibo post
By2’s Weibo post. (Screen grab: Weibo)

On Weibo, the post stated that Bai and Wang knew each other “formally as close friends from 2012 to 2013” (Wang and Lee married in Nov 2013) and “was never in the way of their marriage”.

The post continued: “Perhaps because the police and the courts in real life are not like the virtual world, malicious lies and fabricated evidence are illegal”.

The lawsuit was filed as the result of the band’s “hard decision to take legal action” after the police informed Bai that Lee cannot be immediately summoned as she is not in China, according to the post.

“The law recognises evidence, not mini essays,” By2 wrote, referring to the long posts that Lee had previously made on social media.

Furthermore, the duo accused Lee of cyberbullying by “satisfying her personal agenda”, adding that the Internet is not lawless.

The post is also accompanied by a three-page letter from the pair’s lawyer detailing their demands for Lee to cease the cyberbullying and rumour spreading.

“We may have to spend a long time to take those responsible for the rumours to task, but we’ll do our best. Because if public figures lack the courage to speak up, how would future victims of cyberbullying stand up for themselves?”

The post ended by saying the duo has faith in the judicial system. And along with Lee’s Weibo handle, it included the words: “See you in court”.

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